4 x Permanent Car Tyre Paint Pen - Marker Pens for metal tires -

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Waterproof Permanent Marker - Pack of 4

Writes on most surfaces - Metal Plastic Glass Wood Rubber Cellophane

Nib 2.2-2.8mm

Shake well before use and depress the nib lots of times to get the paint flowing

These Paint Pens are great they write on virtually any surface WE use them to write on metal racking cellophane bags cardboard boxes. They produce quite a thick line and are also suited to detailing on car/motorbike tyres. Please note if you are using these for tyres you will probably need 2 per tyre - depending on how much writing/detailing you doing. It should be remembered that these are paint and if applying them to tyres that this will wear off eventually and sooner on some types of rubber than others.

If you have not used them before we recommend buying just 1 pen from our shop to see if they suitable for your application. We supply lots of these to car breakers as these are perfect for writing on metal and plastic parts and panels

The paint in the pens needs to be released by repeatedly pressing the nib it can take quite a few presses. Please note that once the ink has started to flow there is no need to press while writing as this could cause the paint to flow too quickly.