6 Black Cables Drops Clips Stop Cable - USB Cable Charger Management tidy

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New 6 Black Cables Drops Clips Stop Cable - USB Cables Charger Management tidy

Cable Management Clips

Pack of 6

Colour: Black

Self Adhesive Sticky Backing


Commonly called Cable Drops or Cable Clips

Suitable for Cables such as those used for usb devices Charging devices and peripheral cables for example computer mice More Details Cable Drops put an end to the insanity of chasing that cable that seems to slip and disappear behind every flat surface day after day. Cable Drops affix to desks walls and nightstands to keep your cables in place so they're there when you need them. Simply peel and stick Cable Drops anywhere you need them easy cable management. We use these ourselves to clips cables in the office ideal for mouse and usb cables thinner printer cables and phone charger cables. We have the as car cable clips in the car to keep charging cables routed neatly and around the warehouse we use them as pen holders. This listing is for black ones but we sell them in other colours too.


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