Garage / Warehouse Metal Boltless Shelving 180cm x 90cm x 45cm ***Delivered***

Sale price£34.99


We purchased this racking to fit out our premises, we have some left over so are offering it for sale.

Measures: 180cm x 90cm x 45cm

This is boltless racking, you only need a mallet to assemble. A small flat blade screwdriver is useful for aligning the tabs.

Colour: Black

The shelves are made of MDF and you get 5 of them. The max weight per shelf is 175Kg and this is for a uniformly distributed load. 


***We cannot accept mixed orders for racking and other items as they cannot be posted together, Please order the racking as a separate order to the other items. Mixed orders that include racking will only see the racking part being sent and the other items refunding***


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