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Metallic Sunny Savannah - Edible Silk

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Edible Silk - Metallic Sunny Savannah - 2-4g

Rainbow Dust Edible Silk is the simplest way to achieve a wonderfully lustrous and glamorous finish to icings and chocolate. Simply brush or paint Edible Silk Metallic Sunny Savannah onto the surface and watch it shimmer with metallic colour. Use through a stencil for stunning effects.

Simply dust over cakes, chocolate or models. Alternately, add Rainbow Dust Edible Silk to an alcohol solution to create a food safe paint.

Range: Rainbow Dust Edible Silk

Colour: Metallic Sunny Savannah

We stock all 36 colours in the Rainbow Silk Range, they are grouped into Metallics, Pearls, Starlights, Iridescents, Shimmers.